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Exploring palliative care enquiries to 13 11 20

Wednesday 14 June, 2017


Katherine Lane, 13 11 20 Nurse Manger recently won an award on her presentation to the Primary Care Collaborative Cancer Clinical Trials Group. The talk aimed to better understand the nature of palliative care and end of life enquires received through 13 11 20.

The study included analysis of 1,328 de-identified calls from patients, carers, family and friends that were categorised into the following topics: Palliative Care, Recurrence/Progression of Disease, Prognosis/Survival Rates, Grief and Loss, Death and Dying. Of these, 23% were from patients and 66% were from carers or family members.

Analysis revealed that a large component of these discussions focused on the eligibility for palliative care, referral processes and psychological and emotional support for patients and carers relating to advanced cancer and end of life matters. This study brings to the forefront the emotional needs of people, specifically with palliative care and end of life questions.

It may seem confronting or overwhelming for patients, family and friends when cancer treatment is no longer working. Our Living with Advanced Cancer or Facing End of Life information booklets outlines what can happen emotionally and physically during this time and provides information about practical support and how to access services such as palliative care, for patients with advanced cancer.

The Primary Care Collaborative Cancer Clinical Trials Group (PC4) was established in February 2009. It is funded by Cancer Australia to support the development of high quality cancer research in Primary Care. The group is directed by Jon Emery, Professor of General Practice at The University of Melbourne, and currently has 540 members nationally.

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