Behind the scenes with Jeanne Potts, 13 11 20 Nurse

Monday 14 August, 2017


How do you see your role when visiting General Practitioners (GPs)?

These visits allow face-to-face interaction with GPs who have varying knowledge and confidence in providing optimal cancer care to their patients. The sessions are interactive and an opportunity for me to provide resources and evidence-based information about cancer prevention messaging, screening recommendations, early diagnosis and referral pathways for colorectal and lung cancer in particular.

Are you observing any barriers associated with bowel cancer screening?

Many GPs have reported barriers to timely care, especially access to colonoscopy in public hospitals and the potential burden of costs for people from low socioeconomic backgrounds. They find a general lack of understanding amongst patients regarding the rationale behind population screening and the benefits of early detection of bowel cancer, especially for their non-English speaking background patients.

What are the benefits of GPs being involved in the I-PACED project?

A number of practices have commenced automatic recalls to patients aged 50-74yrs to ensure they are able to have 2 yearly FOBT. Many GPs were unfamiliar with making proactive referrals to QUIT  for behavioural support when advising patients about the benefits of smoking cessation. They have shown an interest in connecting to online QUIT referral forms as well as a greater awareness of the support services provided by Cancer Council Victoria via 131120.

A number of GPs have been very interested in the What To Expect  consumer version of the Optimal Care Pathways and I feel will be more confident to provide these to patients in the future.

Jeanne Potts is one of the 13 11 20 nurses involved in the Implementing Pathways for Cancer Early diagnosis (I-PACED) project that aims to increase awareness about critical primary care points and clinical care required along the colorectal and lung Optimal Care Pathways.


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