Are your information resources up to date?

Monday 29 April, 2019

The free Cancer Council booklets and fact sheets available for your patients are reviewed on a regular cycle of two to three years depending on topic. This means that any booklet older than a few years is replaced with a newer version, for example, the latest editions will be from 2016-2019.

Resources reviewed every two years

Resources reviewed every three years

  • Cancer types
  • Cancer treatments
  • Financial information
  • Practical and support information
  • Coping with cancer

Why is it important to stock the new edition?

It is important to make sure people affected by cancer receive the most current information about treatments, support and services. Each new edition is reviewed by a panel of expert editors, clinicians, professionals and patients for clinical accuracy, and to incorporate new evidence and research.

How to check which edition you have

Each Cancer Council booklet has a publication date printed on the inside front cover and back cover. For fact sheets the date can be found at the bottom of the last page.



How often to check resources

We recommend checking your stock of Cancer Council resources once per year.

Tips for managing stock:

  • Order small quantities to avoid stockpiling old editions
  • To check a specific title, download the version on our website (this will always be the most current edition)
  • Re-order any booklets that are out of date and put old editions into the recycling. The most recent editions of our resources are free and available to order at

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