Tuxedo Junction Ball 2011


All aboard! Welcome to Cancer Council's Tuxedo Junction.

David Cotter: Hello I'm David Cotter and I'm here to give you a taste of Tuxedo Junction. Now Tuxedo Junction is a ball that's held in Melbourne, annually, to raise huge amounts of money for Cancer Council Victoria. So come with me, and together we'll discover Tuxedo Junction.

Patrick Studios Australia perform dance routine.

Simon Westaway: This is a great night isn't it?

David Cotter: It is a wonderful night, Simon. So you're the host of the evening. What in your view has been the highlight of the evening so far?

Simon: The highlight of the evening has been being given these hugely intelligent que cards so I can make no blunders! No the highlight is seeing the magnificence of Australian talent, which is creative, and intellects through medical personell, coming together and working as one. I'm very excited about that.

Tuxedo Junction has raised a staggering $655,000 over the past 4 years.

Auctioneer Mark Staples conducts an auction with guests.

Why do you support Tuxedo Junction?

David: What do you see as the benefits of a wonderful evening like Tuxedo Junction?

Guest #1: Raising money for cancer research, definitely.

Guest #2: The research that goes into cancer, it's something that affects everyone - even my own family, unfortunately. And even being able to put in money for a ticket makes me feel like I am contributing to putting an end to it, for everyone.

Guest #3: Ah, one of my friends here had breast cancer and her friend decided that this year she would do something about it to raise money for cancer research.

Describe Tuxedo Junction in one word.

Guest #4: Amazing

Guest #5: Oh, it's just fantastic. It's over the top. Just very, very good. That's a lot of words! Sorry guys!

Guest #6: Good fun.

Guest #7: Just a great night. Brilliant

Guest #8: Fabulous.

Guest #9: Amazing. Wonderful.

What's the highlight of the night?

Guest #10: The talent, it's just been fantastic.

Guest #6: Just having a good time. Good food. A bit of fun and enjoyment.

Guest #3: Oh, the absolutely fantastic entertainment. Absolutely brilliant.

Guest: Ah, the entertainment's been fantastic, but also having the speakers as well has been amazing.

Guest: The entertainment's been fabulous - I mean every year it's fabulous but they've just excelled tonight.

David: What would you say is one of the main aims that Tuxedo Junction actually brings to life?

Simon: We're on the cusp of new thinking. And without the funding for research... someone's out there right now who will approach things in a different way... and cancer will end one day. And it's these people who will look back and say 'Remember when we turned up and we supported this enquiry?' It will end one day. And I love these people, because these are the people that are making a difference.

David Cotter and the B# Big Band performs

Chelsea Gibb performs

David Rogers-Smith performs

Silvie Paladino performs

Hetty Kate performs

Amanda Harrison performs.

Help us raise the roof at Tuxedo Junction 2011 - Plaza Ballroom, Melbourne.