Relay For Life thanks Victoria - 2010


Text overlay: We want to say Thank You. Every year 64,000 Victorians get the support they need through our Cancer Council's Information and Support Services. Not one single person could be helped without you.

Dr Amanda Hordern (Director, Cancer Information and Support Service - CISS): We have contact with people either via the Helpline or via support groups, via education and training programs, by the internet or people getting involved in chat groups. The Cancer Council income is generated through the charity dollar and that means we solely rely on fundraising events like Relay For Life, which last year raised an incredible $14 million to help us provide the type of services that the Cancer Information and Support Services does.

Without people's incredible energy, and their generosity and their donations, we couldn't do what we set out to do every day.

People doing laps, late at night or early in the morning - we have a mantra in CISS that every dollar that you make, makes things possible for us, so we really thank the fundraisers and we really thank the Relay For Lifers who are out there all night, raising funds for what we truly believe is important.

Voiceover: One Bundoora grandmother who also believes in the work of the Cancer Council is 57 year old Jill Cathcart who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at 27. She says Relay has brought her closure and encouraged her to speak out about a generation that has suffered in silence.

Jill Cathcart: We were brought up that whatever happens in the home stays in the home. When I was diagnosed with cancer it was such a whirlwind thing. I was in hospital and I rang my husband up and said "Come into the hospital, I'm dying." And they rang the specialist and he came in, and my husband said, "Why is she is sick?" and he said, "That's the chemo she's having". 

And that is the only way I knew I was having chemo. And if I'd had some support or somebody to explain to me what was happening to me, I would have dealt with things a lot better. I thought I'd dealt with it, but I realised I hadn't dealt with it properly until I did Relay.

The services that are available to people today - you can talk to people - there's somebody there. You don't have to suffer in silence like I did.  

Text overlay: We hope you enjoyed your Relay For Life event. Thanks to you, people like Jill no longer have to suffer in silence. Visit to bank your funds. The quicker you do this the faster we can help those who need it most. We can't wait to see you at your next Relay For Life event.