Relay For Life - In a Word

Monday 23 August, 2010

How do participants describe the Relay For Life experience? Find out from our fundraisers themselves.


Describe Relay For Life in one word...

"Exciting... " "Emotional..." "Remembering..." "Passionate..." "Great..." "Just fun." "Challenging." "I'd say it's inspiring." "Fantastic."

What would you say to someone considering Relay for Life?

"I would say ‘Give it a go. Come along. It's fun. It's challenging and it's a good way to spend some time with some friends, and it's also for a good cause."

"Do it. It's just a wonderful experience."

"You get to walk and you raise money and funds for people who had cancer."

"I'd say, ‘Give it a go. It's great. And do the whole thing. Commit to the full 24 hours, come and camp out and experience it right from beginning to end.'"

"I think you should definitely do it. It's not hard work and it's a really rewarding cause as well. So yeah, definitely give it a go."

Why do you relay?

"I am Lily and I am eight, turning nine. I'm happy to support people that had cancer - breast cancer, any type of cancer. And especially my Auntie, because she's had it. And survived it."

"I'm here to support the survivors and also to remember the people that have been lost to cancer."

"We relay because we're really lucky that we can. We've all been touched - the whole team's been touched by cancer."

"This is my first year of doing the relay and it's because my father was recently diagnosed with cancer."

"I relay because I just want to try to make a difference within the community."

Relay to... celebrate survivors
Relay to... remember lost ones
Relay to... fight back