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Support Daffodil Day and you can give hope to thousands of others currently facing cancer.

Daffodil Day is Friday 26 August 2011.

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Anne Lindell (Morgyn Glyndwr's grandmother): Morgyn's experience with cancer had a devastating effect on us all, as can be imagined. She was a beautiful, seemingly healthy baby girl, who at 2 had been diagnosed with cancer.

Morgyn went into the Royal Children's Hospital for what we hoped would be a fairly routine procedure. However, it turned out to be the devastating news that our 2-year-old had been diagnosed with cancer.

All this poor little dot knew was that all these people were coming at her - all these big people were coming at her wanting to prick her fingers, wanting to put gas masks on her face, wanting to put things into her arms. Nothing was nice. Nothing was nice for that little girl.

How do you tell a 2-year-old that this is good for her?

Morgyn is alive today because of treatment methods discovered through world-class cancer research projects.

She's now at school. She's beautiful looking, healthy little girl who's mastering magic tricks on the monkey bars.

Daffodil Day raises vital funds for cancer research, prevention programs and support services.

On Daffodil Day I really hope we raise lots and lots of money for a wonderful cause.

Show your support for the one in two Victorians who will be diagnosed with cancer by age 85. Order your Daffodil Day merchandise today: