Gail Risbridger on Daffodil Day

A big thank you to all the volunteers who contributed to Daffodil Day this year.

Meet Gail Risbridger – a researcher looking at how hormones regulate prostate cancer. Gail is a Cancer Council grant recipient whose work is funded by the money our volunteers have helped to raise.


Background visual: Thank you for supporting Daffodil Day. You've funded prevention programs to stop people getting cancer. You've supported Victorians during their times of greatest need. And you've funded life-saving research projects like this one...

Professor Gail P. Risbridger (Cancer Council grant recipient): What we are looking at is the way in which hormones regulate prostate cancer. That research I think will have a very significant impact. Not only because it's changed the way we think, but also because it's led to new drug development as well.

Many of these drugs are now in clinical trials so it's perfectly reasonable to expect that in our lifetime we'll see some of these drugs actually in action.

The way we see this research moving is towards helping men who have the advanced disease, so this is the disease that's already spread out of the prostate, to the bones and elsewhere in the body, and there are very limited treatment options for those men.

It's not just providing hope but you know, if there was something wrong with you, you'd want to know why, how and what can be done. And even if the answer is that there's not a lot we can do, you still want to know why and how and will you be able to do something for people in the future.

It's Daffodil Day volunteers that make this research possible.

It doesn't matter how small a contribution that you can make, it's absolutely pivotal to the overall plan and we need stalls and pens, and brooches - everything contributes to the whole and the researchers themselves are just a small part of that chain.

I didn't buy a daffodil on Daffodil Day, but I did buy my diamonte Daffodil brooch and I wore it on my clothes and was very proud to do that to support cancer research in Victoria.

Background visual: You've helped fund Professor Gail Risbridger's important work ... and many life-saving researchers just like her. Thank you for taking action this Daffodil Day.