Boys Doing it for the Girls

Monday 17 September, 2012

When the women in our lives get sick, it affects everybody. That's what the boys at St Joseph's College learned when their teacher assigned them the task of hosting a Girls' Night In last year.


How did a class of Year 10 boys help fight women's cancers? By holding a Girls Night In!

The Applied Learning students at St Joseph's College in Geelong raised $2,200 through a sausage sizzle, selling pink donuts, a car wash and a sleep over...

Zac, 17, student: Well, when the teacher first told us about Girls' Night In everyone gave her a really positive response. She told us that she had heard something on the radio about it, and losing a friend to cervical cancer, she told us about the idea of having a Girls Night In. And I was really surprised to see that everyone had really positive responses towards having a girls' night in, not a boys' night in.

Aztec, 16, student: It meant a lot to us because a few of us have been affected by breast cancer.

Tyson, 17, student: We raised around two and a half grand, I think, which I was really surprised about. We were aiming for five hundred but we killed that in the first night with all the donations.

Kieran, 17, student: Just knowing that the money we raised for the women and for the Cancer Council... it's good looking back.

Leah Irving, teacher: There was a ripple effect that none of us could have anticipated. Some of them went home and just hugged their mums. Lots of them started talking to their mums again - they told them everything.

We had members from the community ringing and sharing their stories, which was really hard but it was lovely at the same time.

Buster Herman, parent: I suppose it just opened the dialogue - that we could speak about it. And ask - like Zac could ask questions and, it just raised our awareness.

Chris Lancaster, parent: They're actually addressing something that is so prevalent, you know, here. And it affects so many people. I think that's the real leveller, even for 16 year old boys. You know, this is my aunty or my mum, and there's been so many through St Joseph's who've experienced breast cancer. So I think the boys had put it into a real-life situation.

And yeah, as Buster said, they were just thrilled with their outcome. And I think they felt like really proud of what they'd done.

Aztec, 16, student: Well, the best part for me was just raising the money in general and all the boys getting behind it because I've been affected. My mum passed away from breast cancer and also my grandmother. It just meant heaps that all the boys supported me.

Tim, 17, student: You just sort of feel like heroes.