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Funding boost for cancer research

Wednesday 10 June, 2020

Cancer Council Victoria continuing to invest in ground-breaking research

Funding for cancer research of $3.9 million has today been made available by Cancer Council Victoria, as part of their Grants-in-Aid program that funds high-quality research into the treatment, causes, detection and prevention of all cancers.

Applications for the Grants-in-Aid program will open from June 15 and will be a timely investment in cancer research as the sector overcomes the impact of COVID-19.

The new projects will be selected as the most likely to uncover major breakthroughs in prevention, detection and treatment of cancer.

Previously successful Grants-in-Aid projects include:

  • Looking at how ageing affects cancer risk
  • Using immunotherapy to take on all cancers including solid tumours
  • Researching how to eliminate the leukemic contamination within ovarian tissue, to enable an approach to restore fertility
  • Discovering new treatments for ovarian cancer

Amy Shelly, Head of Research Governance at Cancer Council Victoria, said projects funded through Grants-in-Aid have generated real breakthroughs over the past decade.

“A recent breakthrough in an immunotherapy project we have funded, could see the development of better therapies for millions of people affected by cancer around the world.

“Thanks to the Victorian community, Cancer Council Victoria is able to invest in ground-breaking research each year, supporting some of the outstanding researchers we have in Victoria, through our grants funding programs. This funding will enable ground-breaking research and results to have a real and tangible impact on cancer treatment and outcomes,” she said.

Cancer Council Victoria CEO, Todd Harper, said that at a time of financial difficulty in the sector, it was more important than ever to support cancer research.

“Investment in research is an investment in public health; it’s of paramount importance to the future quality of life. We can’t afford researchers to lose momentum in their valuable work, we will continue to provide funding for those vital and life-saving projects,” said Mr Harper.

Cancer Council Victoria supports over 90 biomedical researchers with grants, fellowships and scholarships. For more information or to apply, please visit