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Charge towards a cancer free future this March

Friday 15 February, 2019

In amongst our busy schedules, exercise can often fall to the bottom of the priority list with ‘not enough time’ listed as a common excuse. Cancer Council is calling on people across the country to take part in The March Charge, a fitness challenge encouraging participants to make small lifestyle changes that fit into their own schedule, whilst raising funds for Cancer Council’s research, prevention programs and support services.

Being physically active can help reduce the risk of bowel cancer, breast cancer (after menopause) and endometrial cancers, however, over 50% of Victorian adults are not sufficiently active[1], falling short of the recommended amount of moderate physical activity per week of 150-300 minutes.

Fundraising Director at Cancer Council Victoria, Andrew Buchanan said: “We know that over 1,800 cases of cancer in Australia could be prevented each year if people simply increased the amount of exercise they were doing to meet recommendations. We also know that for those who have had cancer, being physically active can reduce the risk of some cancers recurring.

“The March Charge is about finding ways to up the physical activity in your daily routine and developing new healthy habits by setting your own targets. Could you go for a quick run or walk at lunch time, hop off the bus or train a few stops earlier or swap it out altogether? If you have a few minutes to spare, take a walk around the block! Just set a goal for the month of March, and off you go!”

By registering to take part in The March Charge and fundraising for Cancer Council, not only will you reduce your own cancer risk, you will also be supporting Cancer Council’s lifesaving cancer research, vital information and support services and cancer prevention programs.

Head online and sign up to join The March Charge at

[1] Victorian Population Health Survey 2016 – 49.6% of Victorian adults undertook adequate physical activity to meet the national guidelines.