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Cancer Council Victoria launches a new Cancer Services Guide - a one-stop shop patient support resource

Monday 18 September, 2017

Cancer Council Victoria has launched a Cancer Services guide to help Victorians affected by cancer, providing a roadmap for patients and survivors by directing them to local services and information in their area.

The guide includes over 470 services across Victoria and covers topics such as:

  • Physical health and wellbeing,
  • support for culturally diverse communities,
  • services offered to survivors and
  • organisations and agencies that can provide practical and financial assistance.

The last edition of the guide was published in 2012, and funds raised through Dry July in 2016 allowed for an update and expansion of this invaluable resource.  The new edition is nearly double in size and now includes tips and information to help guide people to access the services they might need.

Features of the guide include:

  • Categories that cover the cancer experience from diagnosis, treatment and life after cancer
  • Listing of services by metropolitan and regional areas
  • Colour coded information and education boxes. These are segregated into three sections; things to consider, how to access Cancer Council Victoria information and support and internet tips and search terms.

Matthew, a cancer survivor and Cancer Council Victoria volunteer said: "The guide is an excellent resource that provides an overview of the services that people with cancer and their families are likely to need at an overwhelming time. I found the guide was very comprehensive and included relevant organisations and websites. Although I've been in remission for two years, I still found at least two organisations I was previously unaware of and will now engage with."

Cancer Council Victoria CEO Todd Harper said there are many things that come along with a cancer diagnosis, some of which may be a shock to patients, their loved ones and carers.

"We know that finding the right support when it's needed is vital for cancer patients and those close to them as they deal with the news of a diagnosis, cancer treatment, life after cancer or loss and bereavement.

"The services listed in this guide will help patients deal with many of the questions they have - from the practical to the complex."

Meg Chiswell, Head of Cancer Information and Support Services at Cancer Council Victoria said:

"We have designed this guide as a useful way to find support that suits your personal situation. No two peoples' experience is the same when it comes to cancer and this services guide will allow people to pick out and tailor what services they need; whether it's health services and information, practical support or health and wellbeing."

Cancer Council Victoria hopes this new guide will bring reassurance to people facing the challenges of cancer by having all services collated in one easy-to use booklet. Both metro and regional listings are included, ensuring services in this guide cater for all Victorians.

While most services and programs listed can be accessed without a referral, it is important to speak with your treatment team about any concerns you have to ensure you are receiving the most appropriate care.

The Cancer Services guide is available to download and order on Cancer Council Victoria's website:

Call 13 11 20 to speak with an experienced cancer nurse for further information and support or email

To speak with a nurse using an interpreter, call 13 14 50 and ask to speak to Cancer Council Victoria.