October 2017

Sunday 1 October, 2017


Wig service gives regional Victorians with cancer confidence

Monday 30 October 2017
Victorians living in regional areas who have lost their hair through cancer treatment can now access Cancer Council Victoria's free Regional Wig Service. Read more

Major study of genetics of breast cancer provides new clues to susceptibility to the disease

Tuesday 24 October 2017
Cancer Council Victoria and University of Melbourne researchers are at the forefront of the discovery of seventy-two new genetic variants that predict the risk of developing breast cancer, as part of a major international collaboration. Read more

1 in 4 Australian children have untreated tooth decay: study

Friday 13 October 2017
Australians are being urged to do their teeth and their bodies a favour by swapping sugary drinks for water for a week from World Cavity Free Future Day tomorrow. Read more