Cancer Council Victoria’s Clinical Network celebrates 40 years of connecting cancer clinicians

Monday 28 November, 2016

Cancer Council Victoria's Clinical Network is celebrating their 40th year of connecting cancer clinicians from across Victoria.

Since its formation in 1976, the Clinical Network has utilised an influential and diverse body of clinical experts who inform Cancer Council policies and programs and employ a range of cooperative measures to optimise cancer care and patient outcomes for all Victorians.

Currently, the Clinical Network consists of approximately 700 health professionals who make an enormous contribution to clinical research and cancer care in Victoria.

"The Clinical Network provides a great tool for Victorian cancer clinicians and health professionals to inform and lead systematic improvements in cancer care. It can allow them to affect the ‘bigger picture',"
- A/Prof Jeremy Millar, Director of Radiation Oncology, Alfred Health and Chair, Clinical Network

The Clinical Network was founded on providing a forum for collaboration in research studies, and they have a long and continuing history in supporting patient participation in clinical trials.

In recent times the Clinical Network has used the power of the clinical voice to affect change through policy and advocacy.

This was evident when the petition signed by 161 Clinical Network members in 2012 urging the Victorian Government to ban solaria was instrumental to the decision to make solaria illegal in Victoria.

In 2013, 197 Clinical Network members wrote to the State Government urging them to add outdoor dining and drinking areas to the list of smokefree outdoor areas.

Since then Cancer Council Victoria has continued advocacy work in this area and it was recently announced that the The Tobacco Amendment Act 2016 will ban smoking at all outdoor dining areas when food is available for consumption, taking affect in August 2017.

Members of the Clinical Network also provide expert advice to Cancer Council Victoria, take part in media interviews and ensure our patient information is up to date and accurate.

Into the future, the Clinical Network looks to provide project support and coordination to Victorian clinicians relating to cancer treatment and care.

The achievements of the Clinical Network over the past 40 years are many, and with new opportunities and directions constantly emerging, the Clinical Network will provide a platform for coordinated impact by clinicians on the Victorian cancer landscape for many years to come.

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