Quitting for Ramadan? Why not quit for good?

Thursday 9 July, 2015

Quit Victoria has launched a series of radio advertisements in both English and Arabic to encourage those who’ve quit smoking while observing Ramadan to quit for good.

The campaign that is running on various radio stations throughout Ramadan is appealing particularly to Victoria’s Horn of Africa communities where research has shown there is sometimes less understanding of the health risks posed by smoking.  

African Quit educator, Sam Malual, said Ramadan provided an excellent opportunity for many in the Muslim community to give up cigarettes and shisha pipes for good.

“Many Muslims give up smoking from sunrise to sunset while observing Ramadan, so a lot of the hard work in terms of dealing with cravings during the day is already done – why not give up completely for the month and keep going afterwards? “ said Mr Malual.

Augustino Daw, who voices the Arabic ads and is also a Quit educator said it was vital the message got through to his community.  “Smoking cigarettes and shisha can cause 16 different types of cancers, which can be deadly. On top of this smoking harms the non-smokers around you, like children, pregnant women, the already sick and the elderly.

“You don’t have to speak English to call Quitline, just let us know your preferred language when you call, and we can get a translator on the line there and then,” said Mr Daw.

African educators Mr Malual and Mr Daw, work as part of Quit’s multicultural program which aims to raise awareness of the health effects of smoking and provide strategies and support for Victoria’s diverse communities.

Ramadan runs from 18 June – 16 July 2015. The radio ads will run from 22 June – 1 August 2015.

Olivia Kostandinov, Communications Officer, 0433 877 403

For help to quit smoking, contact Quitline on 13 7848 or go to www.quit.org.au