November 2014

Saturday 1 November, 2014


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Bright future for sun protection under Labor plan

Friday 28 November 2014
Cancer Council Victoria has welcomed today's $15 million commitment from the Labor Party that would fund new initiatives under the iconic and world-renowned SunSmart program. Read more

Boys less likely to start and finish HPV vaccine course, new data shows

Tuesday 25 November 2014
Cancer Council Victoria is urging parents to ensure their teen boys have all three doses of the HPV vaccine, with new data showing boys are less likely to start and complete the course than girls. Read more

Cancer Council welcomes new moves to improve cancer prevention and cancer research

Friday 21 November 2014
Cancer Council Victoria has welcomed today’s announcement that a re-elected Coalition Government would invest in cancer research, and campaigns and programs to help Victorians cut their cancer risk. Read more

Warning for men over 45: Twice as many men as women die from melanoma

Thursday 20 November 2014
Victorian men over the age of 45 are on notice as new data shows their numbers of melanoma diagnoses and deaths far exceed those of women. Read more

World-first study proves gene carriers can help peers

Tuesday 18 November 2014
In a world first, Victorian researchers have proved that women who carry a gene fault (or mutation) that increases cancer risk are well placed to help their peers cope in the wake of the same diagnosis. Read more

Adolescents tone down tanning 10 years on attitudes to tanning improve, but sun protection neglected

Monday 17 November 2014
New findings from Cancer Council’s National Sun Protection Survey show Australian adolescents are developing healthier attitudes towards tanning, but there is still room for improvement. Read more

Cancer Council pleased to see health prevention on Victorian agenda

Monday 17 November 2014
Cancer Council Victoria welcomed yesterday’s announcement that a re-elected Liberal government would commit $127.2 million to tackle rising rates of obesity and chronic illness. Read more

Greens' Public Health Action Plan a positive step forward says Cancer Council

Thursday 13 November 2014
Cancer Council Victoria has welcomed the announcement by the Victorian Greens of a major new public health policy ahead of this month's state election. Read more

Call for better protection at work from cancer

Friday 7 November 2014
Victorian laws should be improved to better support and protect workers from occupational cancers according to Cancer Council Victoria. Read more
Total 10 articles in this section.
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