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Thursday 1 May, 2014


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Cancer Council Victoria welcomes new tobacco funding on World No Tobacco Day

Saturday 31 May 2014
New funding announced today, on World No Tobacco Day, for a National Tobacco Campaign has been welcomed by Cancer Council Victoria. Read more

$3 million for bold cancer researchers with big ideas

Friday 30 May 2014
Victorian researchers with bold ideas should apply for Cancer Council Victoria’s Venture Grants Scheme (Round 2). Read more

Victorians urged to take life-saving bowel test

Thursday 29 May 2014
Victorians aged 50 and over are being urged to screen for bowel cancer, with the launch of the state's first ever TV campaign promoting the life-saving benefits of the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program. Read more

$3.2 million to continue fight against cancer

Wednesday 28 May 2014
An experiment that uses white blood cells to target breast cancer is one of 11 new research projects to share in $3.2 million from Cancer Council Victoria. Read more

Don’t leave Victoria behind when it comes to smokefree

Thursday 22 May 2014
QUIT Victoria and Cancer Council Victoria has urged all parties to commit to introducing smokefree outdoor dining as part of their election platform, following the announcement it will be introduced in South Australia by July 2016. Read more

Last chance for Year 9 boys in Victoria to have breakthrough HPV vaccine for free

Friday 16 May 2014
Cancer Council Victoria is reminding parents of boys in Year 9 to ensure their son completes the three dose HPV vaccination course, given this is the last opportunity for them to have the vaccine for free. Read more

Unite and Shout for cancer fight

Thursday 15 May 2014
Join us on Friday night at the annual Call To Arms AFL match, which aims to raise funds and awareness for cancer in men. Read more

Cancer Council welcomes new bowel cancer screening and medical research investment

Tuesday 13 May 2014
At least 35,000 Australian bowel cancer deaths will be prevented thanks to a $95.9 million, four-year plan to finalise Australia’s National Bowel Cancer Screening Program in the 2014-15 budget. Read more

Mixed messages on DNA test a risk to bowel cancer screening

Wednesday 7 May 2014
Cancer Council is urging GPs to encourage asymptomatic patients 50 or over to screen for bowel cancer with a faecal occult blood test (FOBT), which remains the gold standard for population screening. Read more
Total 11 articles in this section.
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