Cancer Council Victoria joins industry leaders to deliver 2015 National Breast Care Nurse Conference

Thursday 17 July, 2014

Cancer Council Victoria has announced it will partner with Cancer Nurses Society of Australia to deliver the National Breast Care Nurse Conference.

CEO Todd Harper said the new collaboration would enhance the delivery and direction of the conference and, importantly, expand ongoing educational opportunities for breast care nurses across Australia.

The first National Breast Care Nurse Conference was hosted by Cancer Council Victoria in 1998. Since then, thanks to the hard work of breast cancer organisations and a diligent community, the range of information and support options available to breast cancer patients, their families, and health professionals alike has grown significantly.

Given the increased capacity of like-minded organisations to deliver high quality care, education and support to the profession, Cancer Council Victoria recently reviewed its lead role in delivering the biennial conference. 

"After consultation with both breast care nurses and other stakeholder groups, we believe the smartest way forward is for the Cancer Nurses Society of Australia to take on leading the delivery of this event as part of their Winter Congress. This will be done with support from, and in close collaboration with, Breast Cancer Network Australia and other key partners," Mr Harper said. "It is great that Breast Cancer Network Australia and The McGrath Foundation both support the move for the conference to be picked up by Cancer Nurses Society of Australia."

As part of its ongoing support of the Breast Care Nurses Conference, Cancer Council Victoria is proud to be a Congress Partner for the 2015 Winter Congress which will incorporate the Breast Care Nurses Conference. Additionally Cancer Council Victoria will fund a speaker to attend the conference as well as a travel scholarship for two breast care nurses.

Cancer Council Victoria remains committed to providing support services and evidence-based information to complement the work of breast cancer nurses, and to facilitate learning through its programs and services. "We are looking forward to working with key partners to enhance the delivery of care, and ultimately provide better outcomes to those with breast cancer, and their families," Mr Harper said.