January 2014

Wednesday 1 January, 2014


Research Shows Taste isn’t Just on Tip of Tongue

Friday 31 January 2014
Researchers have taken the first step in solving taste problems for cancer patients by developing a new classification system that identifies specific elements of taste, as well as related problems that can be incorrectly thought of as taste. Read more

Super Sugar Shockers: Summer Frozen Drinks Contain Up to 30 Teaspoons of Sugar

Tuesday 28 January 2014
While Australians look for ways to keep cool this summer, many fast food chains are cashing in by promoting seductively cheap frozen drinks that in many cases contain surprisingly large amounts of added sugar. With Australia's obesity epidemic showing no signs of slowing down, health groups are urging consumers to rethink their sugary drink. Read more

New research: Obesity and alcohol not top of mind when it comes to cancer risk

Tuesday 21 January 2014
More than 28,000 Victorians are diagnosed with preventable cancers each year and over 10,000 Victorians die from these cancers but the latest research from Cancer Council Victoria shows that these figures could be reduced. Read more

50 years since historic report links smoking to cancer

Friday 10 January 2014
On the eve of 50th anniversary of the first U.S Surgeon General’s report to link smoking with cancer two of Australia’s leading health organisations have called for availability of tobacco to be the new frontier in tobacco control as research shows that some smokers are still in denial about the damage they’re doing to their health. Read more