Media statement: Improving Cancer Outcomes Bill 2014

Friday 22 August, 2014

The Victorian Government has undertaken a review of the Cancer Act 1958 and as part of this consulted with Cancer Council Victoria about changing its governance structure.

The Improving Cancer Outcomes Bill 2014 was introduced to Parliament this week. Its main aim is to create a modern and flexible framework to support efforts to reduce cancer incidence and death, and to enhance the wellbeing of those affected by the disease.

It also provides for the transition of Cancer Council Victoria to a more modern governance structure. If the Bill is passed, Cancer Council Victoria will convert to being a company limited by guarantee.

This is a carefully considered alternative that is supported by our CEO and Board. It brings our governance into line with all other Cancer Councils in Australia, but will not change our daily work.

With the public’s continuing support we will maintain our unwavering commitment to keep addressing the impact of cancer on all Victorians through research, prevention, support and advocacy.