September 2012

Monday 3 September, 2012


Vic report: Obesity crisis grossly understated

Thursday 27 September 2012
A report released today, the Victorian Health Monitor, has found that obesity prevalence in Victoria has been grossly underestimated. Read more

Victorian Health Monitor Report shows low Vitamin D is seasonal

Thursday 27 September 2012
The Victorian Health Monitor Report released today reveals that over 50% of Victorians have vitamin D deficiency in winter. Read more

Top marks for Geelong Kindergartens on SunSmart scorecard!

Tuesday 18 September 2012
SunSmart is delighted to announce that 100% of Geelong Kindergarten Association (GKA) preschools are now members of the SunSmart Program, leading the way in ultraviolet (UV) protection. Read more

On the 25th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol, new study shows UV levels have increased over last 50 years

Sunday 16 September 2012
Recently published research for the first time examines changes in ultraviolet (UV) radiation in Australia over a period of fifty years (1959-2009). The research found that there has been an overall annual increase in UV levels of 2% to 6% since the 1990s, for locations throughout Australia. Read more

Lymphoma Awareness Day a reminder of need for more research into forgotten cancers

Saturday 15 September 2012
World Lymphoma Awareness Day (15 September) is a reminder that for the 1,312 Victorians diagnosed with lymphoma each year, further research is needed. Read more

Medical community joins together to call for solarium ban in Victoria

Thursday 13 September 2012
Today on the five year anniversary of anti-solarium campaigner Clare Oliver’s death, 161 cancer specialists and health professionals of the Victorian Co-operative Oncology Group have joined together to call on the Victorian government to follow the lead of New South Wales (NSW) and ban solariums. Read more

New evidence: Melanoma risk from solarium use even higher

Thursday 13 September 2012
Today, SunSmart and the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre join together to honour the memory of Clare Oliver, who passed away from melanoma five years ago, aged 26. Over 160 medical professionals signed a letter of support for a solarium ban in Victoria. Read more

Health groups say parents and kids will benefit from ACT Greens' junk food ad commitment

Wednesday 12 September 2012
The Obesity Policy Coalition has backed an election commitment announced today by the ACT Greens to restrict junk food advertising directed at children. The proposed plan would mean junk food advertising was no longer able to be shown on TV when large numbers of children are watching. Read more

Liquor industry put above local communities again

Wednesday 5 September 2012
A Bill set to pass State Parliament within days threatens one of the few tools local councils have to manage the impact and costs of alcohol on their communities, according to a coalition of health agencies. Read more