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Cancer Council on the move in late 2013

Tuesday 20 November, 2012

Cancer Council Victoria is moving in late 2013 to a new location on St Kilda Rd.

Announced by CEO Todd Harper, the move into a new building will enable the Cancer Council to provide improved services to people affected by cancer as well as improve its cancer research and prevention facilities.

"With 78 people being diagnosed with cancer each day, it's vital that Cancer Council is able to keep pace with support services for those affected and also continue its research into the risk factors and causes. This move will give us the flexibility to ensure our accommodation is able to serve the cancer needs of the Victorian community into the future.

Mr Harper noted that over the next 10 years cancer diagnoses is expected to increase by more than 50%.

"While it will be sad to leave Carlton after more than 30 years, there are many benefits to the move. Having the organisation divided across two buildings was also no longer efficient, nor was it conducive to harnessing the ideas and initiatives of our research, prevention and support divisions.This move into one building will improve our ability to develop more comprehensive programs to reduce the impact of cancer on Victorians," said Mr Harper.

The Cancer Council will move to 615 St Kilda in the final quarter of 2013. Exact timing of the move will be communicated as the process progresses.

Cancer Council has signed a 10-year lease on the St Kilda Rd property. A detailed analysis found renting was the most financially sustainable option for the organisation.

"We are currently considering our options in terms of the sale of the Rathdowne and Drummond St properties. The proceeds from the sales will cover the move and the fitout of the new building with additional funds being invested to ensure the sustainability of the organisation's cancer research, prevention and support programs into the future.

"We will look forward to showing you around in late 2013," said Mr Harper.