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November 2011

Tuesday 1 November, 2011


Corporate wealth wins over consumer health: labelling review

Wednesday 30 November 2011
The Federal Government has bowed to food industry pressure by rejecting traffic light labels in its response to the Labelling Logic review today, according to Jane Martin, senior policy adviser for the Obesity Policy Coalition.

Health groups bamboozled by government inaction on alcohol warning labels

Wednesday 30 November 2011
A coalition of health agencies described today's response by the Federal Government to the national Review of Food Labelling Law and Policy as a lost opportunity to address the significant health and social cost of alcohol in Australia.

Vic teens in denial of skin cancer risks

Thursday 24 November 2011
Victorian teens are in denial about their risk of skin cancer and are using less than adequate sun protection despite the high incidence of melanoma in young people.

OPC urges Senate to support junk ad bill

Monday 21 November 2011
The Obesity Policy Coalition (OPC) has urged all Federal MPs to support a Bill to be introduced into the Senate tomorrow to protect children from junk food advertising.

Public supports tougher regulation of unhealthy food advertising

Wednesday 16 November 2011
93% of South Australians agree the time has come to put a stop to unhealthy food producers from targeting kids through glitzy television ads and marketing ploys.

Taking a look at humorous cancer early detection ads

Wednesday 16 November 2011
The Cut your cancer risk team has been in equal parts shocked, excited and intrigued by a couple of videos which have been released recently and we want to get your take on them.

Slip, Slop, Slap... and Snap - the search is on for Victoria's most sun savvy shutterbug!

Tuesday 15 November 2011
Today SunSmart launches ‘A Summer to Remember' campaign, asking young Victorians to share their favourite summer memories to win tickets to summer's biggest festivals, unbelievable experiences & lots more!

Sunbed shocker: new study shows solarium operators are not complying with Victorian legislation

Tuesday 8 November 2011
Research by Cancer Council Victoria published today reveals 80% of Melbourne solarium operators surveyed allowed access to teenagers who concealed their age or claimed to be 18, despite the ban on under 18s using solariums.