January 2011

Wednesday 5 January, 2011


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Airport scanners - a flash in the pants?

Friday 14 January 2011
Recent publicity around airport scanners has highlighted privacy and health concerns. The Cut Your Cancer Risk team investigates the cancer risk of these new airport scanners before they hit Australia later this year. Read more

Bite-sized back to school tips

Wednesday 12 January 2011
SunSmart and Kids - ‘Go for your life‘ have joined forces to come up with some useful back to school tips to ensure a healthy, happy new school year. Read more

Passive smoke causes high blood pressure in preschoolers

Wednesday 12 January 2011
A new study has found children exposed to second-hand smoke have elevated blood pressure, putting them at risk of ongoing cardiovascular problems and heart disease later in life. Read more

Technically the new you for the New Year

Tuesday 11 January 2011
The ‘New Year, new you' line starts to poke you in the ribs as soon as the last slice of Christmas turkey is carved and scoffed. Here's some novel ideas about how to use technology to keep you motivated and sticking to your new year's resolutions. Read more

Australia among the best for cancer survival rates

Thursday 6 January 2011
Australia is amongst the best nations for cancer surivival in four major cancers, a landmark international study has shown. Read more

Peak UV season is here

Wednesday 5 January 2011
Know when it is safe to play in the sun this summer by checking the UV levels each day before heading out and noting the times of the day when sun protection is required. Read more
Total 15 articles in this section.
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