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January 2010

Thursday 21 January, 2010


Cancer Council Victoria farewells a national treasure

Friday 29 January 2010
Doreen Akkerman AM, our Director of Cancer Information and Support Services (CISS), has retired after 20 years of dedicated service. Read more

Faulty bowel cancer screening test kits - Cancer Council puts it in perspective

Friday 29 January 2010
A positive FOBT result rarely means you have cancer. It means there are signs that should be investigated, usually through colonoscopy. Read more

Don't make sunburn part of your Australia Day celebrations

Tuesday 26 January 2010
With ultraviolet (UV) radiation likely to reach extreme levels in some parts of the state, it's important to use sun protection. Read more

Fast food advertising proves self-regulation is a charade

Thursday 21 January 2010
A major fast food outlet is making a mockery of self-regulation, flouting a recent ruling by the Advertising Standards Board (ASB) and continuing to broadcast ads for an unsuitable children's meal, according to a coalition of peak health bodies. Read more