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Don’t Just Sit There – get a Pap test

Friday 14 September, 2007

PapScreen Victoria is running a mass advertising campaign urging women to continue having Pap tests, despite the new cervical cancer vaccine.

Latest figures from the Victorian Cervical Cytology Registry show 63.4% of Victorian women are having regular two-yearly Pap tests. Although Victoria has one of the highest screening rates in the country, over a third of Victorian women still aren't having regular Pap tests.

The new cervical cancer vaccine has created an additional approach to cervical cancer prevention in Australia.

PapScreen Victoria is concerned this may cause women some confusion as to whether Pap tests are still important. This campaign reassures women they are.

Pap tests remain vitally important, even for those who have been vaccinated, because they are the only way to detect abnormal cell changes in the cervix, which if left undetected could develop into cervical cancer.

PapScreen Victoria's advertising campaign, titled Don't Just Sit There, will run on TV, print and radio across the state for eight weeks from the beginning of September.

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