Clinical trial activity in Victoria

A brief look at 2011 Victorian oncology clinical trial recruitment data

The Cancer Trials Management Scheme (CTMS) was established in 1988 by the Cancer Council Victoria's Clinical Network (formally Victorian Cooperative Oncology Group) as a mechanism to increas participation into clincal trials, through the funding of on-site dedicated clinical trial coordinators.  Through this process we annually collect recruitment data for individual trials across Victoria.  Using this information we are able to provide a snapshot of recruitment into oncology clinical trials for Victoria (1)

In 2011(2):

  • 1999 new patients entered an oncology clinical trial, 577 (28%) were from a rural/regional area.(3)
  • 4916 patients who had entered a trial in previous years were followed up by a clinical trial site.
  • Approximately 6.8% of patients in Victoria with cancer entered a clinical trial in 2011. The haematology tumour stream accounted for the largest portion of new patients recruited which was 23%, followed by Breast (18%) and Genitourinary (17%).
  • 256 unique trials were open to recruitment in Victoria. 
  • 506 unique trials across Victoria reported either new recruitments or follow up activities.
  • Of those 506 unique trials reporting any activity 48%, were industry sponsored trials, 37%, were investigator initiated/cooperative group sponsored and 15% of trials had an unknown sponsor.
  • Of all the new patients 46% entered an industry sponsored trial, 40% investigator initiated/industry sponsored and the remainder into trials with unknown sponsors
  • 52% of patients were recruited into phase III trials:

Brief 2009/2011 comparison

Metric 2009 2011

Total number new patients



Total number patients followed up



Recruitment rate (4)



Open unique trials



Unique trials reporting activity



% new patients entering industry sponsored trials



% new patients entering investigator initiated/cooperative group trials



Phase III trials that reported new patients

131 (46%)

122 (48%)

A complete report will be available in the near future.  For any queries, please contact

1) In 2011 a total of $800,000 was allocated to 43 individual clinical trial departments. $650,000 of this money comes from the generous donations of the public and the remainder from the Victorian Cancer Agency and the Victorian Government.

2) Please note there remains a substaintial bias towards treatment intervention trials in 2011.

3) Defined as a patient whose home address is within the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing classification of RA2, RA3 and RA4. Please note patients residing in Geelong are now classified as a metro area.

4) Recruitment rate is calculated by the total number of patients recruited for 2011 divided by total number of new cases of cancer in 2011, as reported to the Victorian Cancer Registry. It does not include patients recruited to prevention trials.

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