Being there

Monday 30 August, 2010 by Belle

In January this year my best friend Luci died from a rare form of cancer that took over her whole body. She was 18.

Luc was diagnosed last may and underwent numerous treatments which left her drenched in pain and unable to live the rebellious life of a teenager which she longed for.

I skipped school to sit with her through chemo, I slept at the hospital, I'd hate myself everytime I left her side. In January she finally got the all clear for us to take a short trip down to Mollymook but on the morning we were meant to go she had a stroke which left the entire left side of her body paralysed. She was dead within a week.

None of my friends were there enough to understand what really went on. This poem shows what it was like for me to be with my bubbly, stubborn, beautiful best friend as I watched her die.

Oh the storm's been two years brewing,
and the clouds block out the sky,
the sea's they are a-swelling,
and our luck has all run dry.

The winter chill is looming,
and as night begins to fall,
we realise there's no chance
in our boat with little walls.

And as the waves soar higher,
and there's no more stars to shine,
there's people in their houses,
who all seem just too fine.

Oh they hear the rains a-falling,
and they see the lightning too,
but you and me, we're out here,
and we know they've got no clue.

So they sit warm by the fire,
with their heads on window panes,
as we're screaming and we're crying
and we're tortured by this rain.

The boat wont stop a-rocking,
the thunder tears the skies,
and suddenly you're overboard
waving your goodbyes.

Now the people are in bed,
all tucked snug in their sheets,
and you and me, we're aching
in the storm of our defeat.

I see you drowning in the waves
that churn and drag and toss,
and I'm doing all I can
to save the world this loss.

The sea's alive with anger,
and we're feeble in its wrath,
as I watch you slowly drown
and I know you can't swim back.

The clouds have flown away,
the rain has all run out,
so the people in their houses,
are safe to walk about.

And standing on the mainland,
looking out to sea,
no-one sees you baby,
but someone's spotted me.

As they drag me from the wreckage,
and revive my breaking heart,
no-one can know the troubles,
that tore us both apart.

Updated: 30 Aug, 2010