The funny side of lung cancer

Wednesday 25 August, 2010 by Thomas

Thomas Palfy, writer-photographer, creator of several Australian travel-photo books contracted lung cancer. He decided not to despair but to create a light hearted, witty account of his experiences in the hospital, at the same time he is encouraging people not to give up when facing adversity in life.

This is an outrageous and witty account of his time spent in hospital, spiced with descriptions of episodes from his life. The reader will also find many observations and insights affecting our everyday lives. In the process the author debunks some of our modern day myths.

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About the Author

Over the years Thomas Palfy along with his wife and travelling companion, Susan, has visited numerous attractions of the fifth continent. Out of these rich experiences the books Australian Adventures and Images of Australia were created. These two works describe and illustrate visits to the main cities as well as many national parks with their weird and wonderful landscapes, unusual plants, fascinating animals and encounters with people.

The West of the West is a travelogue of a trip to the West Coast and the Kimberley region of Western Australia with many colour illustrations. The Hub of Australia and Beyond is a similar account of tours in South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Australia Illustrated: The Eastern States completes the trilogy of descriptions and illustrations of tours to the states and territories of the fifth continent.

Definitely Digital! is a recently published guide to digital photography. Across Australia from East to West is Palfy’s most comprehensive work presenting many of Australia’s incomparable tourist attractions in words and pictures.

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Updated: 25 Aug, 2010