My dilemma

Tuesday 27 July, 2010 by LEO

My story is about my fight with high-grade sarcoma of the groin. I was diagnosed last year in July. My doctor didn't know about this cancer so he referred me to a urologist who recommended surgery.

I had surgery in August 2009 to remove lesions and the left testicle. The operation went well but healing took several weeks, followed by 6 weeks of radiation therapy.

In March of 2010 they found more lumps - it had returned. Doctors were disappointed it returned so soon. There was more surgery but it healed well and I was feeling confident.

In late May 2010 I returned for surgery but by June/July it was back again. My surgeon sent me for PET scan to find it had spread in the same area - thankfully not to any organs.

Now my dilemma is, what can be done? The doctor and oncologist advise against any surgery, including minor and radical. Does that mean I have no possibility of a cure? What do I do now? My oncologist has sent a referral to Peter Mac for another opinion. I am desperate to see if someone has an alternative. The waiting is sending me crazy. The pain is getting worse every day and these tumours can double in size within a week.

How can this have happened? A year ago I was fit and healthy and did 40 push ups a day exercise. I will travel to Melbourne to seek another opinion - I will go anywhere in the world if needed. No-one seems to know much about sarcoma, especially in the groin area where I have it. I advise anyone who feels something is not right to see a doctor straight away.

I am now sitting by the phone, waiting and hoping that each time it rings it's Peter Mac, telling me to go to Melbourne ASAP.

Follow up post on 13 November 2010:

I am writing this to follow up my husband's story written to you in July 2010. He wrote regarding his sarcoma of the groin. He unfortunately lost his battle and passed away on the 10th October.

I have to express that he was given the most wonderful care at Peter Mac hospital where he went for a 2nd opinion. The cancer centre at St John of God hospital Subiaco were absolutely marvellous - all the staff treated him so sensitively and also cared so much for myself and our children.

I thank everyone who gives their time to take care of those with cancer and to research this awful disease.

Updated: 27 Jul, 2010