Demanding something be done

Wednesday 29 April, 2009 by niamh

Well, it all started in January 2008 when I noticed my period hadn't stopped. This continued and I decided to see my GP in February just to get it checked out. I explained all to him and he put it down to maybe fibroids or early menopause as there was a history in my family.

So off I went back to normal duties but the bleeding didn't stop. I went back to the GP again and at this stage he was getting irate with me as he thought I looked healthy and I was making a big issue of something so small. I went to visit my sister's GP and she gave me hormone tablets for 6 weeks, which didn't stop the bleeding.

Now at this stage I'm in a lot of pain. It was May now and I went back to my own GP again and he gave me pain relief, which eased the pain but not the bleeding issue. I was frustrated. I was so afraid to go back to the GP that when I got the pain I would go A&E and they helped me more.

On one of the visits to the A&E the doctor that I saw was very worried and told me to go to my GP and demand that something be done and I did. I created a fuss and said I wasn't leaving until they sent me to a specialist.

It was now July at this stage and I was in a bad way with pain and bleeding heavily with a disgusting discharge. I had a hysteroscopy done and it confirmed that there was a tumour. I was diagnosed with stage 2b squamous cell carcinoma.

I had external radio and chemotherapy weekly [cisplatin] for 6 weeks. Geez this was rough. This treatment finished first week in November and I was due to have a full selectron treatment but it didn't work due to scaring tissue of the cervix.

I was then sent to the Royal Marsden to have it done there but that also failed. Came back to my own hospital to have a further 2 weeks of external radiotherapy. Finished that on the 5th of December.

Finally I got a break from it all and was looking forward to Christmas and then I started getting pain in the pelvic area again. Had another MRI scan done and got the results last Friday only to be told that I have another tumour. Crap news. So on Monday I'm having a laparoscopy done to see if they can remove the tumour without taking away my bowel. So this is where I'm at now. Hopefully they can do something for me.

If you or anyone you know has unexplained vaginal bleeding or a discharge we strongly recommend you see your GP for advice. See our pages on cervical cancer and its treatment and cervical cancer screening for more details.

You can call your local Cancer Helpline on 13 11 20 for further information and support.

Updated: 29 Apr, 2009