I'm 27, healthy & fit! Or so I thought...

Wednesday 6 August, 2008 by Charlie

I'm 27, healthy and fit! Or so I thought, until I got a stomach bug over Easter. Deciding to go to my actual GP as it still was lingering for a few days once I had resumed work. When I arrived he advised me that my smear test was overdue, I had actually had an abnormal reading mid-last year and was suppose to come back in 3-4 months time to have it redone. I had since moved house and not received my letters.

So we did the smear test and then I went and got my blood tests done on the Monday. The doctor's office called me back less than 24 hours later to advise me I needed to come in. I panicked, assuming it was to do with my blood tests, and started Googling stuff on the internet. My boss said to just wait, they don't like to give results over the phone.

So off to the doctors I go, get in there and I'm advised all my blood tests are fine - great! Then I'm advised my smear test was abnormal. Eeek!

The next process was to have a colonoscopy, which was a ten-minute procedure. I got this done 2 weeks after I had seen the doctor. I got my results back from that at the end of May (about 2 weeks from having the procedure). That is when they had advised me I would need to have part of my cervix removed, I took it all in, and asked questions that came to mind. Next day I get a call back advising they were now looking into removing my whole cervix!

Wow, that had completely gone to another level. The hospital advised me they would be reviewing this at a Tumour Board Meeting on the Tuesday (it was Wednesday when I was advised of this). The next day I received a call that they were concerned it may have gone to other areas of my body and that I needed to have an MRI - now I really starting to be concerned! After my MRI and the Tumour Board Meeting the doctors advised me that it did not look like it had spread anywhere else - thank goodness - but they would proceed with removing my cervix. Also they would need to remove some of my pelvic lymph nodes to confirm it had not spread elsewhere.

I have just had my operation 10 days ago today, and I am feeling better each day. However my results where not the ones I was looking for, there is a tiny bit of the cancer on the right side of my vaginal wall and I now have to have combined chemo/radiation therapy for 6 weeks. I am being very brave and thinking only positive thoughts as I believe in the power of the mind.

I have somehow found this inner strength that I did not know I had - it has really shone through these past 6 weeks. I am scared about the treatment - don't get me wrong - but I believe everything happens for a reason and this has certainly grounded me as a person, and I am so pleased I got the stomach bug over Easter when I did, as perhaps I still wouldn't have known.

Updated: 06 Aug, 2008