If grandma could have anything she wanted

Tuesday 24 June, 2008 by Holly

Ever since I can remember my grandma has been affected by cancer. When I was about 4 years old she came back from Florida complaining she couldn't breathe. We found out that her breast cancer had gotten worse and the  doctors told her she would only have a short time left to live (3 months at the most). It's about 9 years later and my grandma is still with us. 

However, over those 9 years she was told that she had lung cancer as well, which may have come from the breast cancer. She also had to suffer some problems with the cancer coming through her skin and bleeding - it was so terrible to see this. She had some radiotherapy in the hope that she could then have surgery. I stayed up all night before her operation crying and praying that she wouldn't die. After all she is the person I go to when my parents are not getting along or something bad has happened.

Yesterday grandma found out that it was too late - the cancer spread to her brain and she is so tired. I went over to see her yesterday and I asked grandma if you could have anything in the world what would it be and she said to go to heaven. So I cried and she told me she was ready and she is not afraid to die and she loves me but God I don't want her to die! Please help her - why is her life such a mess? Abused when she was younger, cheated by her husband and now this - it's not fair!

Updated: 24 Jun, 2008