Smile Love & Hold on

Tuesday 24 June, 2008 by lauren

I guess my story is different. I'm not here to say hold your head up she'll be right it will work out. I am here to say put your strength into love, life and hope. While there is life there is hope. The word 'cancer' is a word that scares the best of us at anytime and point in our life whether you have suffered with cancer or you're a family member or friend of someone suffering cancer.

I'm Lauren, I'm 25 and at the age of 16 I lost my younger brother to Acute Myeloid Leukemia. He was 10 years of age when he had passed. Six months later a school friend who was 16 had passed to from suffering with a brain tumour. Both these people where very strong loving healthy boys.

Myself, being so young of course never really understood cancer, why they had to suffer and pass away. I went on all the wrong roads gave up on living life myself and went into denial over what happened. I was hurting badly for many years and I never let my brother's death go. Why? Then I became weak from not talking about it and had problems from the feeling of loss. I didn't want to get close to anyone and I was scared I would also lose them.

I have been having counselling, and have met other people in my life who have suffered cancer. I have learnt that defeating cancer or losing someone like my brother is the same as anything in life: you win some, you lose some. I believe that the key is to stick together with your family and friends during the bad times. Hold on to hope and support each other.

A young guy of 21 that I knew a few years back had cancer and thought he was cured but then it came back. He had some major surgery, 2 courses of chemotherapy and is now in remission again. He is an amazing guy with so many talents.

I have many stories of people I know who are survivors of cancer. Unfortunately we do lose hope and sometimes the battle comes to an end for some but the strength and courage from those who suffer cancer will always be with us as family's and friends. There are the times we remember how precious life is. Cancer can creep upon us at anytime and at any age. You are never ready but there is a lot of help and support out there if you need it.

Don't be afraid or feel silly about asking for help. It is there for everyone, at any age. You don't have to do it alone or feel alone. So many questions we have in life! What is cancer? Why do we suffer? I can't answer these but I can say from my experiences - don't blame yourself and don't give up on life yourself. Thumbs up to Doctors, nurses and all hospital staff who all do their very best. Smile and remember while there's life there's love and with love there is hope.

Updated: 24 Jun, 2008