Like a rabbit in the spotlight

Monday 4 February, 2013 by Wendy

Like a rabbit in the spotlight I am dazed by the sudden, completely unexpected diagnosis of BREAST CANCER!

A teeny tiny 17mm spot on a screen that couldn't be found during breast examination that has changed my life. The cancerous little begger was setting up house in my body, making itself at home... preparing to spread it's boarders undetected.

Despite my current state of shock and bewilderment, I can now appreciate the speed and focus with which the Breastscreen team called me in and set the treatment train in motion.

From the initial diagnosis, through scans, biopsies, consultations with my surgeon, and finally surgery ... barely a fortnight passed. It seems like a lifetime.

Last biopsy clear. No little begger left to fear!!

God Bless my GP and all who sail in her wake. She 'persuaded' me to have a mammogram. She saved my life.

Radiotherapy to come. Just to be sure ... to be sure. Everything is club Pink. No time to think.

Thanks for listening.  

We have information on our website about breast awareness and screening. Contact our Cancer Helpline on 13 11 20 for further information and support about coping with breast cancer.

Updated: 04 Feb, 2013