Prostate Cancer Research

Newsletter | April 2017

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Prostate tumour tissue is examined at our research laboratory Study of Lifestyle and Genetic Risk factors for Prostate Cancer

Recruitment to our prostate cancer research project is now complete and data analysis is in progress. Our research will focus on men whose prostate tumours are more likely to spread and kill and compare them with men who are confirmed to be free of prostate cancer.

Research Our work on retrieving prostate cancer tissue samples for research

A very important aspect of our research into prostate cancer involves studying prostate cancer tissues. Most men participating in our research have allowed us to access their prostate cancer tissue for further research. Our team continues to work very hard to collect this material from diagnostic laboratories across Australia.

Data How is your data being used?

Scientific papers continue to be published using data obtained from participants in our prostate cancer research projects. Some of this research has involved research collaborators from across Australia and around the world.

Updated: 04 Apr, 2017