What is the ACTIVATE Trial?

The ACTIVity And TEchnology (ACTIVATE) Trial is a randomised control trial using wearable technology activity monitors (the Garmin vivofit 2®) to help get breast cancer survivors active.

Increasing physical activity after a breast cancer diagnosis has been shown to improve survival and other health outcomes, yet many women who have had breast cancer struggle to implement such changes unaided. The ACTIVATE Trial will test whether using wearable technology can increase physical activity and reduce sitting time amongst among women who have undergone treatment for breast cancer.

Funding for the ACTIVATE Trial was obtained from World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF UK), as part of the WCRF International grant programme.

Who can take part?

To take part in ACTIVATE Trial, you will need to be:

  • Post-menopausal at the time of your breast cancer diagnosis;
  • Diagnosed with stage I-III breast cancer;
  • Have completed primary treatment at least six months ago (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy - ongoing endocrine therapy is acceptable);
  • Being physically inactive (doing less than 75 minutes a week of moderate-vigorous physical activity), and spend at least six hours per day sitting.

Other eligibility criteria include: being able to speak/write fluently in English; having daily access to a smart phone, mobile device or personal computer.

Getting involved or finding out more

If you're interested in getting involved or finding out more about the ACTIVATE Trial please download the participant information sheet or contact Brigid Lynch, Principal Investigator on (03) 9514 6209 or email

Updated: 27 Feb, 2017