Cancer care & other research

Monitoring cancer management and the experience of cancer care

Current research


Testing the effectivenes of supportive care interventions for people with cancer

Research projects undertaken by CBRC in the area of supportive care interventions have taken a population perspective, with interventions tested potentially amenable to mass application and dissemination, should they prove effective. In addition interventions have reflected the patient support areas covered by our Cancer Information Support Service (CISS).

Current research


Peer support for people affected by cancer

Peer-support programs for people with cancer are a common supportive care service offered by many Cancer Councils. Peer support has been shown to benefit people with cancer by increasing well-being, improving adjustment and coping, reducing distress and most importantly, providing people with an empathetic and accepting environment to share experiences.

Current research


Evaluations for support groups and Cancer Connect programs

CBRC conducts program evaluations for our Cancer Information and Support Service (CISS) at the Cancer Council Victoria, including evaluations of supportive care programs, training programs for health professionals and other services CISS requires, as well as evaluations for other support groups such as Cancer Connect, Living with Cancer program and the Victorian Cancer Clinician Communication Program (VCCCP).