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A varying coefficient model to measure the effectiveness of mass media anti-smoking campaigns in generating calls to a Quitline

2010 research by Bui, Q. M.;Huggins, R. M.;Hwang, W. H.;White, V.;Erbas, B.

An analysis of reported discomfort caused by mammographic x-ray amongst attenders at an Australian pilot breast screening program

1992 research by Cockburn, J.;Cawson, J.;Hill, D.;De Luise, T.

Bridging the information and support gap: evaluation of a hospital-based cancer support nurse service

2002 research by Roberts, S.;Schofield, P.;Freeman, J.;Hill, D.;Akkerman, D.;Rodger, A.

Causal attributions, coping strategies, and adjustment to breast cancer

1996 research by Lavery, J. F.;Clarke, V. A.

Colorectal cancer: knowledge and attitudes of doctors in Victoria

1982 research by Macrae, F. A.;Hill, D. J.;Dent, O.;Goulston, K. J.;St John, D. J.

External breast prosthesis use: Experiences and views of women with breast cancer, breast care nurses, and prosthesis fitters

2003 research by Roberts, S.;Livingston, P.;White, V.;Gibbs, A.

My pack is cuter than your pack

2002 research by Wakefield, M.;Letcher, T.

New cigarette-packet warnings: are they getting through? [Letter to the editor]

1988 research by Hill, D.

Psychological consequences of screening mammography

1994 research by Cockburn, J.;Staples, M.;Hurley, S. F.;De Luise, T.

Psychosocial adjustment of female partners of men with prostate cancer: A review of the literature

2006 research by Couper, J.;Bloch, S.;Love, A.;Macvean, M.;Duchesne, G. M.;Kissane, D.

Public health approaches to skin cancer control

1997 research by Hill, D.;Marks, R.;Boulter, J.

Self examination of the breast: is it beneficial? Meta-analysis of studies investigating breast self examination and extent of disease in patients with breast cancer

1988 research by Hill, D.;White, V.;Jolley, D.;Mapperson, K.

Staff members' acceptance of the introduction of workplace smoking bans in the Australian public service

1989 research by Borland, R.;Owen, N.;Hill, D.;Chapman, S.

The Living with Cancer Education Programme. II. Evaluation of an Australian education and support programme for cancer patients and their family and friends

2002 research by Roberts, S.;Black, C.;Todd, K.