Testing for prostate cancer

Get checked imageMost health authorities, including Cancer Council Victoria, don't recommend prostate cancer screening for all men because there's no reliable evidence at this stage that it prevents men dying from prostate cancer. Research may answer this question in time.

Make an informed decision

We don't suggest that no-one should be tested either. Instead, men should find out all the information they need and make informed decisions.

Read our information on prostate cancer, diagnosis, treatment and side effects. Visit the Lions Australian Prostate Cancer Website. Speak to men who've been through the prostate cancer journey. Talk to your doctor.

In older men, most prostate cancers grow slowly. Many men who don't have treatment for prostate cancer will never suffer from the effects of their cancer. On the other hand, side effects of treatment (possible incontinence and impotence) can be quite severe.

There are many resources available and we're happy to help you get access to the information you need. Talk to our experienced cancer nurses at the Cancer Council on 13 11 20.

See also our specialist-reviewed medical information on prostate cancer or the following useful sites:

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