Plain packaging news

Plain packaging will hit sales hard, and big tobacco is worried

A former tobacco company marketer explains just how worried the tobacco companies are about plain packaging

Tobacco lobby's plain-pack threat not based on reality

British American Tobacco's long-threatened campaign against plain packs kicked off today. Has there ever been a more complete demonstration of Shakespeare's "the lady doth protest too much"?

Big tobacco lobby 'scaremongering'

Tobacco industry claims that international crime gangs are flooding Australia with smuggled cigarettes, or ''chop chop'', are being investigated by the competition watchdog

Cigarettes likely to get plain packages

Cigarettes look set to be put in plain packages, with WA Nationals MP Tony Crook supporting Labor on the issue

Coalition backs plain packaging move

New laws to sell cigarettes in plain packets are set to pass parliament after the coalition swung behind the Gillard government move.

Yet more alarmist data on illicit tobacco, another report claims $1 billion lost in tax revenue

The latest industry-commissioned report on the illicit tobacco market in Australia was released by British American Tobacco on 4 November 2013.

Tobacco industry exposed again on dodgy data

Yet more industry-commissioned dodgy data, this time on smoking prevalence, by Philip Morris International.

Philip Morris International funds more seriously flawed research, this time undertaken by the University of Zurich.

KPMG LLP full year update of illicit tobacco was released in April 2014

Updated: 26 Jun, 2014