Plain packing. The facts.

So you think it’s just a cigarette pack? Think again. As other forms of tobacco advertising have been banned, cigarette packaging has become the most important marketing vehicle the industry has to attract new smokers.

Plain packaging will end this deadly form of promotion. Along with an integrated program of educational campaigns and support for quitters, the action is aimed at further reducing smoking and saving some of the 15,000 lives lost in Australia every year to tobacco.

The Benefits

  • Reduce appeal of smoking to young people
  • Reduce deception about the harmfulness of cigarettes
  • Strengthen the impact of graphic health warnings


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Myth It won’t work, so why do it?

Fact  As the number of design elements on cigarette packs decrease, so do the level of positive perceptions people have about smoking.


There is no evidence that plain packaging will lead to an increase in illicit trade in tobacco products. Tobacco industry claims about the amount of illicit tobacco purchased in Australia have been found to be exaggerated and misleading. Read more...

Plain Packaging

REMEMBER Cigarettes kill half of all long-term users. It's not a normal consumer product, so let’s not allow it to be packaged like one.

KPMG LLP full year update of illicit tobacco was released in April 2014 Saturday 12 April 2014

Philip Morris International funds more seriously flawed research, this time undertaken by the University of Zurich. Friday 28 March 2014

Tobacco industry exposed again on dodgy data Wednesday 27 November 2013
Yet more industry-commissioned dodgy data, this time on smoking prevalence, by Philip Morris International. Read more...

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