Please don't forget.

Less common cancers like Kaitlyn’s desperately need research.

At 13, Kaitlyn was diagnosed with brain cancer. It was then that her life changed. She was taken from everything she knew, isolated from peers, and forced to endure what no child should have to endure.

Kaitlyn's now 21 and cancer-free - but she's one of the lucky ones.

Thanks to extensive research, today a woman diagnosed with breast cancer has a 90% chance of surviving five years or more following diagnosis. Yet for people with a less common cancer like Kaitlyn's, the five-year survival rate is currently sitting at less than 30%.

These are forgotten cancers. Research is key to improving survival rates and bringing hope. Yet sadly, there's been a lack of funding into these cancer types.

Cancer Council Victoria won't forget that these cancers are responsible for 54% of Victorian cancer deaths.  That's why we're committed to funding research and initiatives like our Forgotten Cancers Program.

We need your help to continue our important work. Please support those living with a forgotten cancer by making a tax-deductible donation by 30 June.

Together, we can ensure no one is left behind.

Updated: 10 May, 2017