National Public Consultation on the Optimal care pathways for people with cancer of unknown primary and cervical cancer

Public consultation on 16 optimal care pathways (OCPs) has been undertaken since 2014.  A range of feedback was incorporated and these have now been published and national implementation is underway.

The Cancer Institute NSW has developed the Optimal care pathway for people with cancer of unknown primary. Cancer Council Victoria and the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services have worked in partnership to develop the Optimal care pathway for women with cervical cancer.  We are pleased to invite you to provide feedback and comments on the OCPs.

The drafts and reviewer guidelines can be downloaded below. Please note that the drafts will be subject to professional editing and design following the consultation period.

The public consultation will be open until 5pm on 4 May 2018.

Please provide feedback to Cancer Council Victoria by email

For more information on this programme of work please contact Jenny Post at or 03 9514 6346