13th Behavioural Research in Cancer Control Conference

Day 2 Highlights


'Changing behaviour by targeting non-conscious processes: Effectiveness and acceptability'

Many cancers and other non-communicable diseases are preventable through reducing food, alcohol and tobacco consumption, behaviours that cluster by deprivation, underlying much health inequality. Changing these requires multiple interventions targeting both conscious and non-conscious processes. Traditional approaches to changing behaviour involve targeting conscious processes by providing information. Mass media campaigns, particularly in relation to smoking, make modest but important contributions to changing these behaviours. More intensive information-based interventions, however, have smaller population-level effects and the potential to increase inequalities. In part this reflects the non-conscious nature of much of our behaviour which is shaped by cues in our environments often without our awareness, environments that vary by deprivation. Choice Architecture interventions ("Nudging") have potentially larger, more equitable population-level effects, involving re-designing environments e.g. capping the size at which sugary drinks are sold to reduce energy consumption.
This talk will present evidence for these interventions to change behaviour at the scale needed to improve population health. It will also outline ways of overcoming barriers to their implementation arising from their lack of acceptability to policy-makers, industries and general publics.

Professor Theresa Marteau


The Day 2 program closes with the Conference Dinner in the Alto room, from 6:30pm.   

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