Wes Bonny's story


Father: Wes was no different to any other Australian young man. He played his cricket, his water skiing. Plus he's down the beach - loved beaches.

Friend: Like anyone, there's times when you forget to wear sunscreen but he'd never go to the beach intending to get a tan.

Brother: I saw getting a bit of sun, in inverted commas, as a good thing. You know, I thought that was healthy.

Friend: When Wes was 23 he found a mole on his neck, which turned out to be melanoma. That was cut out, but the melanoma had spread to his blood stream.

Friend: I just thought, ‘Get it cut out and you'll be fine.' You see that many ad campaigns about skin cancer and melanoma and you sort of take notice but you just think that it's never going to happen to you.

Brother: Seven days before my wedding, they found a lump on his brain. And after that we knew it was all over.

Friend: Getting a tan, at the risk of getting melanoma, just doesn't really make sense to me now, you know, after seeing Wes... and just how tough he had it in the last few months of his life before he passed away.

Father: He tried to cover up the best he could. Evidently, not good enough.

Wes Bonny died of melanoma, aged 26
Updated: 29 Nov, 2012