Program profile: Cancer Support Groups

Thursday 26 November, 2015

Cancer Support Groups

Many research studies have shown that group support can improve quality of life by reducing feelings of isolation, stress and anxiety in people affected by cancer. It can also improve two-way communication between patients and health care teams.  Across the state, Cancer Council Victoria recognises over 120 community-led groups for people affected by cancer.  

Cancer support groups (CSGs) provide an opportunity for people affected by cancer to meet for discussions in an emotionally supportive environment. The aims of a CSG are that:

  1. a group member can access emotional and practical support from others with a similar lived experience of cancer
  2. through the experience of speaking with peers, they will be empowered to seek the information and support they need, and will feel less alone and isolated.

Cancer Council Victoria’s CSG leaders receive training in communication skills, empathic understanding and dealing with confronting situations such as grief, loss, anger and difficult group dynamics.

Want to find out more?

Whether you’d like to establish a new group or are involved in an existing CSG, we can assist with queries about training, support, group leadership and obtaining recognition by Cancer Council Victoria. Call us on 13 11 20 or email


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Updated: 26 Nov, 2015