Returning to work after a cancer diagnosis

Thursday 9 June, 2016

Returning to work Returning to work after a cancer diagnosis can raise many questions for patients and carers. You may wonder if you have to tell your employer about your diagnosis or have questions about your entitlements. Alternatively, you may need assistance with transitioning back into the workforce. Our pro bono workplace advisory service can help.

The way cancer affects your working life will depend on your individual circumstances. Some people work on a causal, part-time or fulltime basis. Others are self-employed or work at home.

Part of our pro bono service is a network of workplace and recruitment professionals who can provide people affected by cancer with advice. This service is free for eligible clients and provides you with reliable information about your rights and transitioning back into your workplace.

The pro bono network of workplace professionals can answer questions about what kinds of flexible working arrangements might be possible to balance work commitments and treatment. They can also assist with strategies to maintain performance when coping with side effects such fatigue or ‘chemo brain'. Alternatively, if you are changing jobs or managing a business, our specialist HR and recruitment professionals can provide advice around how to manage challenges that may have arisen due to a cancer diagnosis.

Simply ask to speak to your social worker from your treatment centre and request a referral to our pro bono services. Alternatively, call 13 11 20 (cost of a local call), Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm and speak to one of our experienced and understanding cancer nurses.

For more information about employment and cancer, read our book Cancer, Work and You and our fact sheet about Employment and cancer.


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Updated: 09 Jun, 2016