New resource: nutrition, exercise and cancer

New resource: nutrition, exercise and cancer

Navigating the maze of messages about healthy eating and exercise habits can be tricky. If you’ve completed treatment for cancer, it’s important that you can identify reliable information on nutrition and exercise, and connect with health professionals who can give advice suited to your needs. A recording of last month’s Cancer Council Victoria webinar, ‘Nutrition and exercise after cancer’ is now available online. 

Presented by dietitians, an exercise physiologist and a cancer nurse, the webinar features broad advice for survivors, all based on the latest evidence. Practical suggestions about maintaining healthy habits in the long term are included, along with links to helpful resources. 

Several audience members commented that when active treatment finished and they had less contact with their treating team, they weren’t clear on how to access credible, reliable information about diet and exercise. There were also questions about weight changes after treatment and nutrition-related side effects of treatments.

The panel responded to these queries, and many others, in a live Q&A session during the presentation. This section is not captured in the recording, however if you have any questions about exercise, nutrition and cancer, you can call an experienced Cancer Council nurse on 13 11 20 or email

The next webinar in this series is being held on Tue 8 September and covers the topic ‘Exercise and eating well: managing changes during cancer treatment’. Cancer treatment and its side effects can place extra demands on your body: changes like fatigue, nausea and loss of appetite are common during this time. However eating well and exercising can help you get the most out of your treatment, alleviate anxiety, and make it easier for you to recover. Join us to hear expert presenters discuss managing the impacts of treatment. Register now  or contact  for more information. 

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Updated: 05 Feb, 2016