Intimacy after cancer

Friday 7 October, 2016

Intimacy counselling
Some people find sexual intimacy is the last thing on their mind after cancer treatment. Others find an intimate connection with a partner makes them feel loved and supported as they come to terms with the impact of cancer.

Whatever the circumstance, our free counselling service can link people affected by cancer to an experienced medical practitioner over the phone. The specialist can listen to concerns and offer practical information and support to help people address body image, intimacy and relationship concerns after a cancer diagnosis.

For some, the issues will be centered around side-effects and how this makes them feel on a day-to-day basis. For others, the effects will be physical and/or long-term, such as changes in appearance or mourning the loss of a body part. Even if people don't have a partner, they might be concerned about forming new relationships or would like to feel more confident about their body image.

Call 13 11 20 to book a phone appointment with one of our experienced medical practitioners today. These free, confidential sessions are open to men, women and partners of someone with cancer and can be accessed from the privacy of home, anywhere in Victoria.

This free Cancer Council Victoria service is offered in collaboration with The Royal Women's Hospital

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Updated: 07 Oct, 2016